Artistic and Specialty Fabrication, Contract Furniture, Engineering Strategy and Materials Consulting

We help our clients realize their vision for large scale and multi-material specialty projects that often require custom tooling, molds, or technological integrations. Please view our curated project gallery.

Artistic and Specialty Fabrication

We give you the confidence to propose uniquely challenging projects and installations – knowing Kline will deliver without compromising your project objectives, design intent or artistic vision.

Contract Furniture

KLINE works with interior design firms and FF&E purchasing agents alike to provide world-class contract quality furniture. After all, furniture was our first love. From in-room, podium level, to unique custom lounge pieces, we can literally make just about anything and in any volume with our off-shore partners.  We focus primarily on servicing the hospitality, institutional and corporate industries.

Engineering & Design Strategy

KLINE has a long history of bringing cutting edge manufacturing capabilities and practices from industries such as marine and aeronautical into architectural fabrication. Whether your project requires sophisticated tooling and molds, structural analytics, lighting and electronics or cutting edge fabrication techniques, we can navigate from the outset with confidence, achieving striking results usually reserved for large production volumes, to one off projects and fixtures.

Material Specialties

Cast stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, bent glass, laminated and printed glass, organic fabricated and formed metals, stone in any form, composites and plastics, green bio resin, hemp and other natural fiber composite materials, veneers, GRP, GRG, FRP. Specialty wood veneers, lighting, electronic control systems and other integrated technologies.

KLINE has long-established global resources that provide uniquely achievable results, both in terms of engineering and fabrication. These resources allow us to meet strict budgetary requirements for often large scale specialty projects, roll-out furniture programs, and one-off hotel and public artwork projects.


About Our Founder

Lee Kline grew up in Toronto sailing the waters of Lake Ontario with his family. Exposure to boats in his youth, both old and new, informed his design sensibilities in terms of materiality. Elements such as fine woods, complex forms in fiberglass and of course machined and cast stainless steel, lead to his passion for all manner of challenging projects requiring tooling and molds. As a pragmatic manufacturing solutions provider with a designer’s eye, Lee works in multi-material combinations utilizing the latest technologies borrowed from cutting edge industries such as the transportation sector. With a proven team of global suppliers and his component-based development system that utilizes the best producer for each needed element, he provides his clients with the best fabrication approach, while offering the greatest cost savings. With over 30 years of truly eclectic design and fabrication experience, coupled with a true passion for uniquely challenging products and installations, Lee is a valued partner to many of the world’s leading brands, fortune 500 companies, and design firms such as: Starwood Hotel Group, Four Seasons Hotels, Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder, Related Group of Companies, Mars Corp, Puma, Google, Blackrock to name a few.


Toronto, Canada
Tel. (416) 732-8819